Health & Wellness @ LIGANOVA

We care for your health!


Our BrandRetailers are LIGANOVA’s greatest asset. Their health and well-being are thus a top priority for our company. In order to achieve peak performance, creativity and visionary power, rest and relaxation are just as important as dedicated and focused work. For true well-being, mind and body must be in harmony as one cannot thrive without the other. Therefore, our health management takes on a holistic approach.


We provide weekly sports sessions at our offices including Balance & Mobility or Yoga sessions and the LIGArunners Club. Moreover, at our Stuttgart office, we have a cooperation with a large gym studio to provide memberships at a discounted price. To stay both active and climate neutral, which is central to LIGANOVA’s core values, our BrandRetailers have the opportunity to rent a Job Bike through the company.


Mental Health

Mental Health is just as important as physical health to live and work at your best. Therefore, we offer our employees guided meditation sessions, stress management workshops and our annual mental health week with workshops and several initiatives. Our HR department always has an open line and open hours for all employee concerns.


Work-life-balance is more than just three words to us. Therefore, Liganova provides its employees with the options of taking a sabbatical or 10 extra days off. We believe in a long-term commitment to our employees and love to give them this extra time to recharge and live a well-balanced life.



We believe that a baseline of high standards is a requirement for good work outcomes. At Liganova, we always have access to fresh organic fruit, delicious fresh coffee, water, a twice-weekly free salad bar for lunch and the most delicious nuts from KoRo® in our dispensers. Occupational health screenings are planned onsite for those in need of it. Our HR department ist always open for suggestions from our BrandRetailers to up our game.