Trainee in Project Management (unisex)


  • DIVERSITY & PEOPLE: Come as you are! At LIGANOVA we live and breathe a culture of inclusion and diversity fascinates us. Uniqueness is celebrated and promoted, which is why we are united by the common mission "Create the best version of yourself". We believe that diversity offers the greatest creative potential

  • GREEN MINDSET: Innovative solutions and our Green Board provide impulses for more sustainability in the office and beyond. With the Green Campaign Cycle initiative, we proactively introduce our customers to the topic of green transformation and support them with our expertise during implementation

  • INTERNATIONALITY: In addition to our HQ in Stuttgart, our offices in Berlin and Amsterdam have also grown into fully operating branch offices. We offer you networking and regular exchange within the units – a far cry from rigid team structures


  • As Trainee (all genders) in Project Management we will take you on the journey of becoming an independent Project Manager, this means that you will first have to understand the basics of every single part of a project and work hands-on and learn-by-doing

  • In the first year as Trainee in Project Management you can expect to learn everything about the supply-chain and logistics part of our international window campaigns, this includes: supplier management, planning logistics, scheduling production of print materials and 3D elements

  • Once you master the supply-chain and logistics part, your colleagues will take you into the field of budgeting and financial planning. By intensively using Excel, you will learn how to measure the profitability of projects and take over the responsibility of cost calculations and financial administration

  • We aim to have you ready after 1 year to take over parts of smaller local projects in our window campaign business. This means that you will have the task to align with your colleagues in design and our client contacts

  • We are there for our Trainee in Project Management along the way, but the faster you grasp an understanding of the complex interaction between: client management, supplier management, logistics, production and internally dealing with your colleagues in project management and design, the faster you will develop into our next Project Manager in international window campaigns


  • A hands-on attitude will bring you further as Trainee in Project Management, than a finished degree with an A+, therefore are we not seeking for a specific study background

  • You are a star in setting priorities, realistic timelinesand can deal with a big work load

  • Whether you are a Senior Project Manager, a Junior Project Manager or a Trainee in Project Management, with LIGANOVA you will always #makeithappen and get things done

  • You are very accurate and like to work with numbers

  • Fluency in English with a good understanding of German are essential

  • MS Excel is a software tool you can easily work with