Content Strategist

The company’s signature: At LIGANOVA, our Brand Content Communication team creates and curates content for our international clients as well as for LIGANOVA itself. We are now looking to expand our team of talented strategic and creative content experts to manage the content process from research and ideation to realization across multiple areas of the business, including client projects and our own LIGANOVA projects. 


  • You will work centrally located in an inspirational and innovative office, designed with love and an eye for detail, offering lots of space for creative break-out sessions or quiet working

  • LIGANOVA is a development platform to create the best version of yourself. We provide and support you with workshops, your personal groove-in buddy and state-of-the-art working tools needed to get you to the next level

  • In these unprecedented times, we keep in touch digitally by providing engaging talks and topics – available from any location wherever you work

  • In need for a fruity snack or your daily dose of coffee? At our offices, we got you covered


  • As Content Strategist you develop, curate and manage multiple content channels – be it online or offline, from spaces, conferences and festivals to editorial and content marketing tools

  • You smartly develop activation concepts and create narratives that engage and fascinate. You will manage the content process from ideation and research to publication and realization

  • You conduct research and because of your broad knowledge and interest in a variety of industries you are always up-to-date on current and possible future trends. Understanding societal contexts form your basis to develop and plan relevant phygital content strategies

  • A smart self-starter, researcher, storyteller and communicator, you will conduct strategic foresight, innovation strategy and content curation at the intersection of society and technology, sustainability, lifestyles and the future of work, among other categories

  • As Content Strategist the team you’ll be working with is extremely diverse. You will work alongside designers, project managers, strategists, product developers and copywriters for a range of clients as well as LIGANOVA’s own projects


  • You captivate others with your energy and your imagination and naturally draw people into your drift by using your storytelling skills and your eye for detail

  • You are a go-getter and a real networker, which you implement into network marketing and brand cooperation. Fluency in German is essential 

  • As Content Strategist you are experienced in using online, curating, publishing and measurement platforms and tools effectively

  • The agency-life is not new to you, therefore you perform and remain organized even under tight deadlines and you bring the ability to convert and implement strategic plans into tactical ones

  • As Content Strategist you can advise others on social media, community management, copywriting, digital storytelling, mobile and technology solutions