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Creative Director Product Design Eric Schäfer in conversation with International University (IU)

Have you ever wondered how our creatives tick? How they got to where they are now? And what the working environment at LIGANOVA is like and why it is so special?

LIGANOVA’s Creative Director Product Design, Eric Schäfer, got down to the nitty-gritty and talked to Professor Miriam Irle from the International University (IU). The esteemed university launched a product design program and invites some of the best designers to jump on their podcast to gain insights into where product designers can contribute in various industries. Eric, a product designer alumn, shows future prospects of product designers just that. Usually, the podcast is only available for students of the university – but we got it just for you, because it is too good to miss out on. You’re welcome!

Listen to this episode and learn more about …
… what brand spaces actually are
… how LIGANOVA contributes to the changing retail requirements
… daily life of a Creative Director at LIGANOVA
… how to create innovative and convincing window displays for clients and shoppers alike and
… why understanding people and brands is the foundation for great creative work.

We couldn’t be more excited to listen to Eric in this episode IU’s podcast.

Curious about your start at LIGANOVA? Head over to our open job listings to find your place of excitement – just like Eric.